Bearing Design Focus

Material Selection

UBC focuses on material selection for bearing design. The right material for the right application!

Heat Treatment

UBC's expertise in material selection is complemented by state-of-the-art heat treatment technology. True characteristics of the bearing material come out after being subject to heat treatment. Proper temperature and timing is maintained during the process so as to maximize the full potential of the bearing material.

Steel Ball / Roller Selection

Selection of steel balls and rollers is essential in bearing design as this greatly affects usage life,

Bearing Components

UBC has achieved breakthrough success in precision turning/grinding of tapered roller bearing races. Other world-famous bearing brands use precision pre-finished inner/outer races made by UBC in their manufacturing of tapered roller bearings.


A bearing must always use the correct lubricant to function properly and reliably. If not complemented by a suitable lubricant, a well-designed bearing will not function properly.