About Us

about us

In 2005, UBC established itself in Pakistan to better serve the company's growing industrial base. The company markets its products and provides extensive after sales support to its customer in Pakistan. The company is unique in that it is the first joint venture in Pakistan in the bearing business. UBC Pakistan's strict quality control procedures comply with the standards set by ISO 9001. This makes UBC Pakistan the first and only bearing company in the country whose processes are ISO Certified. At UBC Pakistan, we believe in three key principles which serve as a backbone of our entire organization and set us apart from the competition.

Reliability and Innovation

Reliability stems from quality and innovation drives a company to remain competitive and always strive for new and improved products. At UBC, each bearing is individually inspected to ensure quality using professional technology at each stage of production. UBC Pakistan's strict quality control procedures comply with the standards set by ISO 9001, ensuring uniform quality.

Quality and affordability

Quality products do not have to be overpriced, Boasting a excellent performance to cost ratio, UBC production techniques and quality both reach international standards but are priced significantly lower than other high quality international brands.

Loyalty and Satisfaction

A customer should always be satisfied with the purchased product and the sellers should be loyal to the customer when it comes to after sales services. Since UBC Pakistan is a joint venture company we are able to provide our customers with:

  • On site expert training
  • Professional seminars
  • After sales service methodology
  • Resourceful supply chain network

UBC's goal is to enable worry free cost reduction and provide our end users with the most reliable engineered product at the lowest possible price, working through our branch offices and distributors to deliver the maximum value. UBC offers bearing users in Pakistan with new means to lower their costs and a new option to guarantee quality.